IGNOU Question Paper BCA Computer Basics and pc Software 2016

No. of printed Pages: 4.                    [BCS-12]

       Bachelor of computer application
                         (BCA) (Revised)

                Term-End Examination

11726.            December, 2016

BCS-011 : Computer basics and Pc software

Time: 3 Hours             Maximum Marks 100

Note: Question number 1 is compulsory and
           40 Marks attempt any three questions
            From the rest

1. (a) Convert the following hexadecimal
           Numbers to equivalent decimal
           Numbers and binary numbers:.        4
           (i) (79)

           (ii) (AC)

(b)    What will be the storage capacity of a
         2.5 inch diameter disk pack having 4
         Plates 150 sectors per track 2048 tracks
         Per surface with each sectors capable
         of storing 1024 bytes                               4

BCS-11.                             1.                         P.T.O

IGNOU Question Paper BCA Computer Basics and pc Software

(c) Discuss the uses of various components
     Of a computer as defined in von
     Neumann architecture.                             5

(d) Explain compilers debuggers lenkers
      And text editors in the context of
      Programming shofware.                          6

(e) What is an algorithm? what is relation
      Between a flow chart and an algorithm?
      Draw a flow chart to find the sum and
      Average of Marks of a student in 5
      Different subject Marks are given out
      Of 100                                                           8

(f) Which of the following is a valid internet
      Protocol address? justify.                         3


     (ii) 172.-2.1.0

    (iii) 56.26.257

(g) What are the advantages of using local
      Area networks? List the characteristics
      Of lans how are wide area networks
      Different from local area networks?      7

(h) What is a web browser? Why is it
       Needed? name at least three populer
       Web browsers.                                            3

BCS-011.                           2.    

IGNOU Question Paper BCA Computer Basics and pc Software

2.(a) What is memory hierarchy? explain
         With the help of a diagram why is
         Memory hierarchy created in a
         Computer system ?                                  7

  (b) What is perverse shofware? List
         Various types of perverse shofware
         Give four ways to counter perverse
         Software.                                                   8

  (b) Explain any five features of a
        Spreadsheet software.                             5

3.(a) An organization designs and develops
         Programs as project the progress of
         Projects needs to be monitors in terms
         Of content and finance recommend
         Some application software for the
         Organization also Explain the features
         Of this software related to various
         Phases of the software development.10

(b)   What is wiki? List the characteristics of
         Wiki can wiki be used for
         Collaboration? Explain.                          5

(c).    What is Moodle? discuss the marits
          And demerits of- learning.                    5

4.(a)  What are different types of optical
          Disks? Explain their features and give
          Their advantages                                     8

   (b)  Explain at least four important
          Features of the following software
          Application.                                            12
          (i) E-MAIL

         (ii) Database

        (iii) Word processing

BCS-011.                       3.                           P.T.O

5. Explain any five of the following with
    Helo of an example/ diagram of required

   (a) The activities/actions performed by a
         Search engine

   (b) Use of subroutines and functions

   (c) TCP/IP model

   (d) Security theats on internet

  (e) Batch systems and time sharing
        Operating system

  (f)  Diagnostic tools in a computer

  (g)  Mainframe computers and

BCS-011                            5.                    16,000


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