How to control high blood pressure in 3 days

How to control high blood pressure in 3 days

How to control high blood pressure in 3 days

Famous Medical Nutritionist Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury told 100% way to correct BP

Avoid taking BP medicines for a long time, as they can increase blood sugar and cholesterol

If BP is below 160/100 then there is no use of giving medicine, it is not good to keep BP above this continuously.

DB Original Desk.  Medical nutritionist Dr. Biswaroop Rai Choudhary, who debunks many popular beliefs by doing research on diabetes, says that blood pressure is not a disease, it is a symptom of negative changes in the body. There are two ways to control this. First, eat 50 percent fruits and raw vegetables in your daily diet.  Second, stay away from salt and oil.  Whenever it comes to choosing between natural and fast food, ask yourself a question that, is this thing made by God or by man?  If it is made by God, then eat it comfortably, but if it is made by man, then eat it carefully.

Why is blood pressure scary?

Do doctors or companies spread illusions, what is its true value?  Dainik Bhaskar App team asked some such questions which created doubts in the mind to Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury.

Fear of bp

It is the same case as diabetes and BP is also a symptom, not a disease. As soon as a patient sees the doctor, his BP starts rising. As soon as he comes out of the hospital, BP starts normalizing. In medical language, it is called 'White Coat Syndrome'.

This syndrome has been observed in 80 percent of patients taking the drug.  Such patients do not need that much medicine.  In this way BP rises suddenly only for a short time. For example, if the heart beat increases suddenly when a snake is seen, then the BP will also increase. In such a situation, the brain sends alerts to fight and run away from the situation.  Therefore, blood pressure is not a disease, it is like a means of preparing us in emergency.

Both too high or low BP are dangerous.  According to the new definition, if the blood pressure is below 160/100 then it will not be considered as high BP. If BP remains continuously above this value, then it can be considered as high BP.  If it is 100/60 or below it is considered low-BP.  When restlessness, headache, weakness, lethargy are felt then it means BP is high or low.  If you do not feel like this, the situation is normal, there is no need to worry.

It doesn't happen directly and it won't happen in just one day.  Long-term use of mobile phones increases the risk of tumors.  BP can increase due to the formation of tumors in the body.

There are two things to be afraid of.  First salt and second oil.  Use them or give up.

Yes, being angry increases blood pressure.  In a state of anger, stress hormones are produced in the body.  This hormone prepares the body to deal with stress.  But if you are constantly angry then this hormone will be released more.  If it is too much, then the blood pressure will increase. It can also lead to heart or brain stroke.

According to the report of the Joint National Committee (JNC) of America, which came before 1993, there was a provision to give medicine only when the blood pressure of any person was above 160/100.  In the subsequent report of JNC, gradually the figure of high BP kept falling, which has now come down to the level of 120/80.  This figure is falling.  In such a situation, the number of patients who are being given its medicine is increasing.

In contrast, the Cochrane Collaboration Database 2018 report says that if someone's BP is below 160/100, then there is no use of giving him medicine, it can worsen the situation. If it is above 160/100 then only his patient should be given medicine. The Cochrane Collaboration is a UK-based organization that breaks popular beliefs with new research and research in the field of medicine internationally. It has 11,000 members and over 68,000 supporters in 130 countries. It is a kind of independent global network and is bringing new information by collecting data for the last 25 years.

High blood pressure can be controlled in 3 days says Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury
High blood pressure can be controlled in 3 days says Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

Yes, there is a formula. First they will decide what to eat or not. Anything that comes from animals should not be eaten, such as dairy products, animal food, chicken egg, mutton. Second, is to stay away from salt and oil. Salt stores water in the body. The more water stored in the body, the more BP will increase.  According to the formula, it is necessary to have 50 percent fruits and raw vegetables in the daily diet. If you make these changes in the diet, then high BP can be normalized in 72 hours without medicines.

Due to the accumulation of water in the body due to excessive intake of salt, it starts bloating. The risk of kidney failure increases. The heart and most of the organs fail to function properly. Leave the salt for three days. When you check the weight again, then one and a half to three kilograms of weight will be reduced. This happens not by reducing fat but by releasing salt.You will see that BP has also become normal. There is very little or no salt in any natural food like vegetables and fruits, so increase their quantity. Try to eat them raw. Avoid eating packaged and processed foods as they contain a lot of salt.

Well maybe. Before the age of 15-16, BP remains normal even after eating salt or fat things because the body can manage it.  But with age there are changes in the body and cases of high blood pressure start coming in children. If the blood pressure remains high for a long time, it means that there are blockages in the blood vessels.  Due to this, the pressure on them increases, hence the symptoms of BP appear. The pressure to deliver blood throughout the body increases and results in high BP. In such a situation, even if you try to normalize BP with medicine, the results will not be good because the blockages are intact. Medicines reduce your BP by weakening the heart and not remove the blockage.

If you take BP medicine for 2 years, then blood sugar and cholesterol start increasing. That is, after taking one medicine, medicines may also have to be taken for the treatment of two new problems. 73% of BP patients take medicines for both blood sugar and cholesterol. 70 percent of the people of Joint National Committee-4 of America are associated with some pharma company.  According to the committee, the high BP figure has gone up from 160/100 to 120/80, which can be even less. Whereas according to the Cochrane Collaboration report last year, it is normal if BP remains below 160/100.

If you take 50 percent fruits and raw vegetables in the diet, then changes will be visible in the body. Feeling light in 72 hours. It will take 1 to 3 months to be completely normal. During this time, do not take packaged food at all.  As BP normalizes, you will feel energized, swelling will subside, you will not gasp while climbing stairs and there will be no chest pain.

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